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Week of January 22,2023

Yep, it's The Peter Principle.  The Peter Principle was laid out by Canadian educational scholar and sociologist, Dr. Laurence J. Peter, in his 1968 book titled "The Peter Principle."  In a nutshell, The Peter Principle describes when a person is promoted or elected to a position of incompetence.  i.e.  A so-so Senator is elected President where he/she is incompetent.  A very good manager is promoted to Vice President where he/she becomes incompetent. 


When the book was published, it created a lot of discussions. We could all see examples of The Peter Principle in many areas of our lives, but nothing like any casual observer cannot help but see today!


I am afraid The Peter Principle is here to stay and unfortunately, the airline-travel industry has more than its fair share of such examples.  Over the years, I lost track of how many renowned “travel/airline experts” called with questions …” Terry, what does this rule mean?” “Terry, where do I find the airline rules?”


I found the best way to combat those Peter Principle folks is by taking: